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Thread: Monthly Maintenance Fee

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    sims urban not TOP yet, so is that an indicator? Seems a bit ex to me given that SUO has got a thousand units, am i right?

    but we also have a newer condo with 350 units, maintenance is about that.

    our older condos maintenance is lower, about 250 p.m. Less number of units some more.

    for my oldest project, is less than 200 units but when comes time for repainting, MCST has no choice but to charge SP a special levy. when i first bought this condo the maint fee was 180$ only, seems so cheap now.
    What are the projects mentioned above?

    Another spectrum, super low maintenance at Alexis:

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    Usually in first year, the maintenance fee is v Low because the m&e and all equipment still has free servicing or warranty and the estate is still under defect lisbility period. The MA may even have a surplus. so first year maintenance is not a good gauge as well.

    Also going forward, there is min wage for Cleaners and security Guards and water is going up by 30% so there is only one way maintenance eill go.

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    Challenging as every year during the Agm, the amount will change.

    The more landscaping, the higher the cost....
    The less the unit, the higher the cost.

    Cluster house maintenance fee can be as high as $1k.

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