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Thread: ROBINSON SUITES @ Robinson Road

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    Quote Originally Posted by rontan_83 View Post
    me T...the progress for one loft seems very slow...the existing landed house still havent been demolished yet..
    Building now at 19th floor already - quite fast the progress

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    Room was ultra-modern featuring flat screens in each room. Bathroom was spacious with state of the art shower features and room had floor to ceiling windows. It is very nice place.

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    Agree, my sister bought a unit there and now the price already risen by $1M. So I can only afford the cheaper one loft by same developer.

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    TOP already! time to refinance your loans owners of robinson suites!
    welcome you to PM me for assistance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sh View Post
    Does each unit come with carpark, or have to pay season parking?
    This is a giant joke at Robinson Suites. Units come with a carpark, underground automatic robot lift thingy. BUT, the so called management says that priority is given to owner who are staying in the property themselves. As of now, the car park is any given day 80% empty (can see from the robolift screen) but unit owners nor tenants are given a slot. On top of that, there is ZERO visitor parking slots. That being said, the area downstairs where you cant park is most days filled with some random cars. Assuming the draconian guards just make a side business with that. Stay away from this property.

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    Might be too late for many, but a quick heads up for those who are planning to buy or rent from Robinson Suites. The so called "security" is a joke downstairs. They will randomly check documents from visitors, try to confiscate your documents while visiting, make RUDE and totally unnecessary comments about things that are none of their business etc. It's a farking joke since there is NO condo manager at all, the guards run the place as they see please. Location is amazing but everything is ruined by these muppets downstairs. Recommended to stay away from this one. Also lately a lot of units are available via Airbnb since nobody in their right mind want to rent a unit. This results in backpackers coming and going constantly, having parties and what not.

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