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Thread: Austville Residences (EC 540-units)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rattydrama
    looks like market has soften down... now we are reading more 680psf...and less on 2000psf.....
    How is the market soften? Looking at a EC at $680psf and at a inferior location compared to Esparina.

    Still overly bullish imo.

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    caspian, mi casa, waterfront waves and the quartz were selling 580-650psf last year. Now EC at 680psf, still bullish.

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    This EC is the 3rd EC in the row along this road. so you got your choice of a 10-yr old, 6 yr-old or a -ve 3yr old haha...

    EC for the rivervale and park green transacting ard $600 - $640 psf range. This explains the slight premium for the new offering.

    Hopefully this new development will increase the amenities ard the area. At the moment, there is none. They mention 3-min walk to Kangar LRT. I think it is 5 min. Further more, this is probably the only viable public transport option at the moment for the location....

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    Official Website with all the site and floor plans.

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    dun tink tis one can sell well at 680psf

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