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Thread: Austville Residences (EC 540-units)

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    common rooms can accomodate queen bed place against the wall, layout drawing is a super single. MB can make do with a king too. There's no oversize A/C ledge, underground carpark, compressed marble ok la.

    Duno got crocodile dundee to welcome visitors or not. i agree that Prive would be a better pick.

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    EC used to be same size as hdb with facilities. Now its size follows condo more than hdb.

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    Still the same size as HDB, just a realignment now since HDB don't produce 130sqm ++ exec flats anymore. So:

    2 bedroom unit = HDB 3 room flat
    3 bedroom unit = HDB 4 room flat
    3+1/ 4 bedroom unit = HDB 5 room flat

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    Went down over the weekend to take a look at this.

    Not much of a crowd on that morning (less than 10 grps viewing), ask agent for sales figure but id not want to say (does not look like there were a substantial number of units sold).

    one interesting feature to note is that of the Yabby pond, where kids can go and try their hand at Yabby fishing. Although i doubt how practical is this? Color theme is definitely like australia outback (maybe that's why the no of pple also not so many ). Pricingwise 3 bedder (1033 sq ft) starting from 740 - 760k) not cheap.

    Quota for 2nd timers already full so gotta wait for 1 mth later.

    What i don't like about it is that in the 3 bed showflat, there is only 1 white velcro dot to demarcate the end of the living room and start of balcony, making it more spaceous. Most other showflats at least do up the balcony to give you an actual feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2824
    Pricingwise 3 bedder (1033 sq ft) starting from 740 - 760k) not cheap.
    how come so EX!!! i tot they say from 650psf+-??

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