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Thread: Urban Resort Condominium (D09) - By Capitaland - New Launch

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    the building and design looks really ugly. More like industrial warehouse.

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    The entire development looks like a mechanised car park with the steel panels. The last thing it looks like is a "resort". No resort feel at all. I think the developer has waited very long to launch this. Finally cannot tahan and launch liao. Good thing is TOP is quite soon.

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    I think the it was launched (or soft-launched) and sold some units some time ago liao, so cannot go back and reconfigure into MM. So still using old plans with 3-4 bedders lor.

    Quote Originally Posted by spoon72
    All so big, no MM units ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by land118
    Min $4.5m for the smallest unit, my guess
    more, more. it's looking at north of 2500 psf.

    this was the leftover from the 2007 fever. at that time big was better.

    u should note the neighbor Urban Suites did quite well at this level in early last year. that was before all the MBT measures though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by land118
    Just got tis from an agent:

    Maintenance Fees (estimated) : $105 per share value

    3 bedroom (8 shares) - $840

    4 bedroom (9 shares) - $945

    Penthouse (13 shares) - $1,365

    Landscape Architect : ICN Design
    Wow wow wow. S$840 maintenance fees for a 3-bedroom??? Is this common in D9?

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