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Thread: Foresque Residences

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    Quote Originally Posted by danntbt
    ......the best way to find out is not from most of the comments here....anyone can say price will drop tomorrow, it cost need to do your own research or talk to people who are in the business - one good indication is when developers stop bidding for land or bid low for them.....after all these are people who put money where their mouth are. These people have market analyst to study the market, or even connections with infor regarding policies.....of course now we have the new stamp duty to stamp out foreign interest.....but 3% is only $30K per million, its a good insurance for getting a premium investment in a stable country like Singapore....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mastrix's your Few...Ling again.

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    ...zhun or not, time will tell, problem is unless you are holding cash, your existing property will also drop, so do not drop your pants by committing to anything before you dispose of your existing property.....but if you dispose of your property, rental is still holding for now, so while waiting for the drop, which may take a year or two,(Singapore buyers and Developers have strong holding power) one have to consider a yearly rental totaling at least 24K or more, which is 2.4% of a million per year....

    So if you look long term, and you can only afford 1 property, then here is never ever gonna be a better time to plunge in.

    If you are cash rich, then just wait long enough, sure can see some bargain, provided you are young enough, otherwise, Loan Quantum could be an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunrise
    actually the foresque is not tat expensive when we look at the land area of 244,00 sq ft with only 5 blocks of building. it was much spacious than other developement. other developers would definitely throw-in another 2 -3 blocks for much higher gain. not to worry investing in this project. many development nearby in a year or 2. the new highway is next to it. the outcome will change.
    Where is the new highway?

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    [quote=mastrix]Where is the new highway?[/quote

    link between dairy farm and BKE
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunrise
    link between dairy farm and BKE
    hmm...that one not new correct? I have been using that road quite some years liao.
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