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Thread: Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

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    Default Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

    Caribbean won the Landscaping Award only recently and now it won the highly acclaimed international award for building excellence, the Prix d'Excellence in 2006. In 2004 it won the local BCI award for construction excellence.

    Caribbean is now 95% sold only left about 10 units for sale. Congrats to the developer Keppel Land for its success. New condo Emerald Bay launching early next year at S$1,300 psf. This will push up Caribbean psf to at least $1,000-1,100.

    Great condo to live in. Lots of expats renting this place, and also lots of kids.

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    Default Re: Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

    Singapore Companies
    Published November 22, 2006

    KepLand's $30m marina gives nearby condos a lift


    THE waterfront lifestyle is set to get a boost from Keppel Land's $30 million Marina@Keppel Bay, slated for completion at the end of next year.

    Marina@Keppel Bay: With space for almost 200 yachts, it will add to the upmarket positioning of KepLand's soon-to-be-launched condominium

    The marina on Keppel Island will be able to accommodate almost 200 yachts, with five berths for mega yachts of between 100 and 200 feet.

    The marina will also add to the upmarket positioning of Keppel Land's soon-to-be-launched condominium next to its Caribbean@Keppel Bay.

    Already, news of the Sentosa integrated resort has helped push up prices in the area. Caribbean was launched at about $800 psf in 2000, but prices have since surged almost 50 per cent. Keppel Land has only a few units left - and its deputy general manager of marketing (residential) Albert Foo says prices are now around $1,200 psf.

    Like Sentosa Cove, the area, with Keppel Land's as-yet-unnamed new condominium development, is being marketed as a playground for the rich and famous, and Mr Foo says the response from foreign investors has been good.

    The condominium is being designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. 'We have test marketed the design overseas and we are confident of getting a wider range of foreign investors,' Mr Foo said.

    At the Caribbean, about 20 per cent of buyers are foreigners, he said.

    Prices of the 1,200-unit new development have not been fixed, but Mr Foo said Keppel Land will take its cue from prices at Sentosa Cove. He said that apart from this development, Keppel Land has three more residential sites at Keppel Bay.

    One site will share Keppel Island with the marina and is expected to be for luxury housing. The other two sites are between Caribbean and HarbourFront Centre. No time frame has been announced for these developments.

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    lastest caveat below $1,000 . Buyers are not stupid .

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    Angry Re: Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

    Can't imagine how many sporeans will lose not only all their CPF , but all their cash , plus top up until god knows when ? All these prices are too ridiculous for 99 projects with more than 950 units . As of now , caribbean still has 250+ units sold back to KEppel . Can you imagine , this is called sold out ???????

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    interested in caribbean

    Default Re: Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

    Over at the website there are a lot of people slamming Caribbean! Can someone explain all the pros and cons of Caribbean? Because compared to Reflections this is relatively very cheap. If price going to fall like some people say, then I guess I will wait a while to pick one unit up here. For staying, not renting. So what do you think, will the price fall or not?

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