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Thread: City Square Residences (D8, Freehold, by CDL)

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    mr brownstone

    Default City Square Residences (D8, Freehold, by CDL)

    $ 820,160 1,195 $ 686 07-2006
    $ 738,500 1,195 $ 618 07-2006
    $ 826,000 1,195 $ 691 06-2006
    $ 854,100 1,195 $ 715 06-2006

    These are the recent prices of CSR’s June and July transaction prices for units of 1195 sqft from this website. Could any agent out there explain why for the same size, one unit is 618/sqft while the other is 686/sqft or 715/sqft? Does this have to do with the storey, orientation or time of purchase? A 1195 unit owner.

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    I love CSR

    Default Re: City Square Residences (CDL)

    Where else can you find a FH for $600+/sq ft in the city? With the govn’s makeover, IR, SMU, good facilities, MRT & eateries and shopping next door, the property will keep its value, even if it does not appreciate. Imagine you are paying 1996/97 price of a urban 99 year unit for a downtown FH unit 9 to 10 years later in 2006. One CSR owner of a Blk 6 unit facing the park.

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    i love CSR

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    Govt going to develop jalan besar area. CSR has good potential. SMU nearby no problems with rental value. Good layout for units facing kitchener road. low floors will not get the sun as they're being blocked by road trees.

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    Residential properties in the fringe areas in town,close to the CBD, amenities and offices, will enjoy good rental returns.

    CSR in one in these categories.The government's makeover will enhance this positive trend.


    Some pics from the brochure:

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    proud CSR owner

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    I don’t know any CSR owner has read the Teletext over channel 5 yesterday (29Aug) about URA’s tender of reserve site.

    It reads: “The URA is inviting applications from developers to put up a reserve site at Race Course Road for tender. The land parcel is located directly above the Farrer Road Park MRT Station. It sits on about 1.4 hectares and has a gross plot ratio of 4.2 to yield a maximum permissible gross floor area or GFA of 57,000 sq metres. The 99-leasehold site is zoned “white” with a minimum 40 percent of the maximum permissible GFA to be allocated for hotel use –CNA”

    Please check the teletext for accuracy. What I intend to say is that this is good news for CSR—with this and the early reported Government’s makeover of the Jalan Besar area, CSR will be much sought after.

    - A CSR owner.

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