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Thread: Sycamore tree

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laguna View Post
    U can do a search at SLA by paying a fee (not that much) on the names of the owners. But the issues, you only can get owners' names but not their contacts.

    There is always a LD clause for delays...check the S&P, ask your lawyer for advice

    Ya, now i recalled what property is this....yes, very very slow progress.
    In fact, the mechanical carpark would be a very big problem....
    it's not slow, it's virtually stopped. at the junction of fowlie and joo chiat road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelonguni View Post
    In the worst case scenario, can we say the land collectively belong to the buyers and there are still undisbursed funds kept by bank? Top up a bit more to enlist a separate developer to complete the job?

    Were all units sold?
    left 2 units unsold.
    asi understand, still not TOP so title still under developer? bank financing the project has first claim?
    agents are still marketing this development.

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    Anyone know what will happen next?
    So owner of sycamore tree will have to wait till another developer take over ?

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    Surely innocent buyers should be protected. A Buyers group collectively formed seeking recourse fm developer might work.

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    Also, there shld be a Project Account properly administered. If the developer is in the red, how did that happen?

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