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Thread: Sycamore tree

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    Quote Originally Posted by l_wee
    West of Still Road is RCR. East is OCR. Coming from ECP. So Telok Kurau is OCR.
    Ah ic. Dividing line is still rd. thx bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by shellshox
    So what impact does it mean if RCR or OCR? Sorry, not very enlightened....
    Doesn't mean a thing. It's just a govt zone planning area.

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    Construction seems to be going on quite quickly! anyone bought here?

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    Anyone know what happen to this condo? Seems like taking forever to build, everytime pass by this location only small changes, haha.

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    ??? From 2012 till now?
    The three laws of Kelonguni:

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    No kelong no guni.
    More kelong = more guni.

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    Yes also like to know what's happening....very unusual for project in Singagpore for such a long delay. Anyone bought an Unit from Sycamore Tree?

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    This project supposed to be TOP alrd but when i drove past recently, it looks far from ready. First case of developer unable to complete project ?

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    Looking at it stage seems like stop work for a while, maybe the developer may have some financial difficulties.

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    Hi, there is a class action suit going on against the developer of this condo. If you have bought or know anyone who bought a unit there, please contact me through PM to discuss further action that can be taken. I may have to ask some details, but just to ensure you are a genuine purchaser. The developers are apparently financially in the red. I can't disclose more but a lawyer firm has been engaged to seek recourse. Please help spread the message, thank you.

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