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Thread: Bedok Residences (D16, 99 YEARS LH, Capitaland)

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom_opera
    Just face it, all great nations died in the hands of property bubble, people never learn from history ... mighty Japan go from "Rising sun" to "sunset" once Tokyo psf hit 10k psf, Spain became PIIGS after property market crash, US banks nearly go bust when subprime bubble burst

    The question is when, how fast. A million HDB in 2y time is probaby "The Sign" ... can Singapore government impose rules like China ... I doubt
    The Singapore government maybe able to "control" the price of HDB.
    For private property, i'm not too sure about that. Given the population grow and the land availability in Singapore. Even if they control, the price still will go up.
    Mark Twain: "Buy land, they're not making it anymore."

    USA subprime is a totally different story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gn108
    But its new and has MRT....and its a Capitaland development...huat ar
    very nice 2 bedroom unit layout, with no bomb shelter, no yard and big balcony (aka known as the 'third' room) the size of the common bedroom plus about 50% of living hall. Can use super long bamboo stick for maximum cloths drying efficiency. Or, 2 to 3 single beds with some working space is no problem.

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    Started collecting cheques.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DC33_2008
    Started collecting cheques.
    What's the price guidance?

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    Bedok is not marina bay and for hdb condos, upside is limited. If hdb condo can go from 1.3k psf to 2.6k psf, then the surrounding hdb should likewise triple in price as well, which is what the govt is trying to prevent, so what do you think is the upside for this hdb cindi u r marketing?
    Quote Originally Posted by AgentStLee
    Some people laugh when The Sail @ Marina Bay launch at $900+ psf.
    They say the price at $900+ is "very high". It is now going at a average price of at least $2k psf.

    Quote from some forumer, when The Sail @ Marina Bay was launch:

    "Went to the showflat liao. The 1 bedroom is super small, going for half a million. 2-room for 1plus million, 3-room for 2plus million. Very expensive, but very nice view."

    "Well, that's the definetely one of the most expensive 99 year development in the world."

    "MIght as well buy a landed properties with koi garden in it."


    "true...why live next to the city feels rather streesful leading a hectic lifestyle and to live to the source....humm better drive round with the $$$ left after buying a simple condo out of the city area."

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