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Thread: Centra Residence, Lor 7 Geylang, 78 units

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    May 20th.

    Happened to walk past while strolling around Geylang. Nice facade, I like it!

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    Any updates on this project?

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    Dear all owners, I am a property agent. Me and my partner Joel will be standing on site upon the key collection. My partner and me have done numerous rental in the past 2 years in Geylang. We have a pool of tenants on Hand. We can help you with the defects and get you tenants at a reasonable market rate. Please do contact us if you require an agent to facilitate your rental and defects. As i have mentioned, we Have been doing TOP projects in Geylang, we have seen many good and troublesome tenants. Please do contact us @ 83871440 for more details on the current market rate in Geylang for rent. Rest Assured that you will not be renting the unit at below market rate.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    How is centra residence doing? Any owners here?

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