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Thread: A few CCR transactions sold at a loss (reported in The Edge)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtrax
    ST REGIS RESIDENCES SINGAPORE 33 Tanglin Road #20-09 1 515 Strata 15,418,520 29939 2781 09-OCT-2006 Apartment 999 Yrs From 24/11/1995 Uncompleted New Sale Private 10 24 247913 Central Region Orchard

    ST REGIS RESIDENCES SINGAPORE 33 Tanglin Road #20-09 1 515 Strata 11,700,000 22718 2111 10-FEB-2012 Apartment 999 Yrs From 24/11/1995 2008 Resale Private 10 24 247913 Central Region Orchard
    faint!! same unit n 4m loss!!

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    Due to the improvement in connectivity and availability of services at RCR and OCR, the premium of CCR over the town centers/MRT of RCR and OCR should shrink.

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    CCR and OCR seems to be going in opposite directions. What gives? OCR new launches like going from strength to strength. Keep on setting new records of high PSF and all the new launches so popular. In the meanwhile, CCR actually seems to be going down???

    How come the world we are in is so crazy now ah?

    Then how, one of the posters mentioned very interesting point. He said the MRTs were draining the wealth out of CCR. Hmmm, it is true that OCR has now become a lot more well connected through MRT's extended network.

    A case of wealth leveling out?

    Or is it a case of just people not wanting to miss out on the property market? Herd mentality you know, where they see others make tons of money within a few years, and they all want to get in on the game too. And since OCR (even now) are still cheaper and more affordable, and that's where the price appreciation has been the most, so the demand all choing there.

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    If u take a walk at Orchard Boulevard, with the recent high raise projects, don't u feel a little bit depressed?
    I just hope those funny huge balconies on the 20th floor are not designed for people to jump.
    Wealth simply flows with the least resistance, and keep rotating.

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    Contrary to what it may look, CCR and OCR are not going opposite directions.
    If you look at the quantum , the price gap of OCR and CCR never really narrowed.
    The perceived psf "narrowing" is just a result of developer squeezing OCR unit sizes. No the wealth is not "draining" from CCR to OCR. The wealth, the top 20% , remain in CCR, just as in the past. What changes is there is another 10% of households suddenly find themselves able to afford a condo now, and these are your OCR new launch buyers. These are mostly < 1.5m in quantum, and remain firmly in OCR level. Average singaporeans did not get richer. The rich singaporeans get richer. But now even average singaporeans with income < 10k are pondering "pty investment". This is what gives the OCR boom.

    FH99, with an orchard boulevard address a nice LH condo can be had for <1400psf. And yet most OCR buyers cannot afford this, and yet they will buy OCR 1500psf

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