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Thread: A few CCR transactions sold at a loss (reported in The Edge)

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    Leonie Parc View

    after 10 years

    Sold 7 APR 2017 22 LEONIE HILL ROAD #XX-XX 2,013sq ft 2,100psf Bought 23 MAY 2007 3,040psf

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    Scotts Square

    Sold 7 APR 2017 8 SCOTTS ROAD #XX-XX 947sq ft 2,914psf
    Bought 24 AUG 2007 3,849psf

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    Tate Resi

    so many after 10 years...

    Sold 1 FEB 2017 21 CLAYMORE ROAD #XX-XX 2,185sq ft 2,145psf
    Bought 24 OCT 2007 2,929psf

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    more of the same at:

    St Regis

    Sold 11 APR 2017 31 TANGLIN ROAD #XX-XX 2,121sq ft 2,000psf
    Bought 15 MAR 2007 2,570psf

    Sold 7 APR 2017 33 TANGLIN ROAD #XX-XX 1,507sq ft 2,157psf
    Bought 19 JUL 2006 2,654psf

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    Default Never buy at peak price (just like for OCR prices NOW!)

    Talk too early hah? Wait and people will see the truth........

    People who bought at $1.5M, collect rental $350k in pocket HAPPY HAPPY for a few years, then have to CRY to sell at $1.0M, still lose $150k not including the stamp duty (3%), ABSD (7% or more), mortgage interests and property taxes, maintenance fund, maintenance and repair/service charges required to fix/furnish the property for next tenant etc, easily costs another $350k,
    so total lost $500k in nett total................
    Lesson learnt: Never buy at peak price (just like for OCR prices NOW!)

    Quote Originally Posted by thomastansb View Post
    You say for so many years already, you not tired ah. You crash crash crash. People already collected rental for 5 years. 4 to 5k a month, 50k a year. Already 250k in pocket and still counting.

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