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Thread: Shoes box apartment

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    Quote Originally Posted by condo_noob
    Hello guys,

    ANyone knows about shoesbox apartment??? I heard about this via google but there are not much info about that. Any idea where exactly shoesbox apartment are?? and how much do they cost normally?


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    Quote Originally Posted by azeoprop
    In Singapore's context it is generally defined as an apartment of less than 500sqft. Pricing varies from 3xxk to over a million, depends on location.

    In today's context 3xxk are very hard to come by, the last project that I know of in this price range was PARC RRosewood @ Woodlands in Jan 2012...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trapping-bird
    They are apartment that are like shoe box. Rectangular in size and sometime smelly as owner put in old shoe. They are cheap , typically cost only $30 per piece.

    Hope it helps .

    Shoebox apartment also called Mickey Mouse, is big enough to be stayed by Rat..........
    I m MM

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    thx guys for the info...

    So I bet it's basically some app that is small and expensive because of certain location.

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    A detailed analysis of shoebox units.

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