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Thread: Shoes box apartment

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    dun laugh too early yet. MM will have explosive demand come 25 Dec 2012. The prices are set for a strong surge upwards into the region of S$2000psf!

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    why Christmas? Mr BJ Er Lang Shen
    Ride at your own risk !!!

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    Ive been there! Stayed in a king harbour room with hubz, the little one & mil. We chose the bed & breakfast package for 3 adults. Check in & out was a breeze.

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    i feel often people buy shoebox unit for investment... Imagine a 700sf versus a 400sf 1 bedroom shoebox unit, the price will be among double based on psf. However, rental often not much difference. Try asking another $500 because the unit is a 300sf bigger in size? The shoebox unit master room often pretty decent size. can fit a queen size bed.

    The Shoebox unit often can have rental yield of about 4%. Orchard typical unit now is about 2.x%. Commercial property however, often give best rental yield of more than 5%.

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