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Thread: Sky Green @ Macpherson D13 FREEHOLD -Heeton (former macpherson green)

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    Hi bro have u made payment at your lawfirm for 6mths maintenance fee and survey fee?

    We done that yesterday and developer side said can collect keys once the cheque cleared.

    Can collect next wk already..
    Yes, done that on Friday, as I was hoping it can be sooner. But my law firm letter state that the progressive payment must also be made before I can arrange to collect keys. And OCBC bank need 5-7days notice before releasing funds.

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    Btw maintenance fee very ex man haha
    Mine is $325/mth for 1bedder...

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    If anyone is keen to install track guided indoor/outdoor blinds (no gaps!) and retractable insect screens . Reduce dust and noise. Pls call 98806538 for measure and quote.

    Products are all made in Australia!

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