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Thread: Duo Residences,99LH, M+S Pte Ltd [Ophir-Rochor]

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    Quote Originally Posted by PropVestor View Post
    Congrats too!
    I got my agent to do it 3 month before lease due, if he don't I take over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomutomi View Post
    looks like the studio unit, 4xx sqft, not attractive for rent
    Do airbnb.

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    But Duo is not CCR right? It is RCR and the absolute rental is pretty decent for RCR.

    Quote Originally Posted by PropVestor View Post
    Thanks bro. I do know of some owners who are still struggling to rent out their units, notwithstanding they are 1 bedder owners. The middle wave who gotten their keys face the brunt of previous landlord pricing. I know the same unit size like mine going for $3,500.

    Despite what is mentioned in the media about price recovery. I see CCR private residential rental being rather slow in any form of aggressive upswing. There are just too many units for tenants to choose from. We landlords just got to hang on tight.

    How is it over there at Southbank?


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    Both PMs will be there on the 15th Jan Monday to officiate Duo and Marina One's opening. Can't picked a better weather to do so.

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    254 units tenanted out according to URA caveats lodged between March 2015 to Feb 2018. Of which 124 are 1 bedders and 95 two bedders. 18 studios.

    Based on 95% sold out of 660 units or about 627 units transacted, only 40% are tenanted out (assuming not for own stay). If we add those for own stay, it should be about 50% tenanted since TOP a few months ago.

    My conclusion is that luxury development rental is still rather soft at this point in D7.

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