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Thread: Qbay @ Tampines - By FEO, FCL and Seikisui House LH99

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    Quarry view will get the west sun.

    I think Waterview owners will spillover in this thread soon. Eastlover, Kengar?

    The site is flanked by the Quarry (Tampines Ave 10), Waterview, Tropica, Arc@Tampines EC (Tampines Ave 1), and Parcel B (Tampines St 86).

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    QBay name so cute.... Like Cherry QQ....
    heh heh

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    If its a FEO project u know what to expect...

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    Another soho-suite-condo-townhouse clone....

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    Quote Originally Posted by azeoprop
    Another soho-suite-condo-townhouse clone....
    good chance...but that location i dont think its a wise move..

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