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Thread: Gardenvista (D21, 99 years leasehold, Far East Organization)

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    After reading the below, I think the only criteria you're looking for is an elite school. Just go for it. And i don't see what is wrong with northwest - too "masses" for you huh? If you look for nature (real nature not fake gardens), quiet and tranquility, nothing can beat the northwest in Singapore. And i suspect there are more condos along the Holland Rd stretch than Hillview. in fact, Mt Sinai is just beside Clementi HDB flats - more dense. And Henry Park balloting is mad for within 1km. Too many homes around it already. and holland v is the most overrated place with chain restaurants.

    I've read your posts and you're one of those who will do anything to get your child into an elite school and that's about the greatest dream in your life. Hillview does not have any primary schools (i think the only school is CHIJ Bt Timah with 1km), so i guess its more suited for people who already has affiliation and doesn't need to go through the 1km route. So it's not for you lah. Continue looking at Mt Sinai.

    Quote Originally Posted by yowetan
    I love Mt Sinai because it is:

    1. Near to Henry Park Primary
    2. Near to Gim Moh Market and Holland V
    3. Near to Buona Vista MRT and Shopping malls
    4. Near to my workplace along queensway and commonwealth
    5. Driving distance and straight accessibilities to Orchard and Bukit Timah belt
    6. Near to good schools like NUS, Singapore Polytechnics, Ngee Ann Polytechnics
    7. Driving distance to NUH hospital, AH hospital and Gleneagles Hospital
    8. Quiet, tranquil, serene and exclusive enclave for my kids and parents/in-laws.

    As for Hillview area, I feel there are too many masses condos and it is very near to Bukit Panjang which is relatively north-western area.
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    I agree Holland V is fast losing its charm ... MRT opening make it worse, it is so lacking of space that some restaurants are putting their tables / chairs along the sidewalk .... there are better alternatives like Marina Bay, Vivocity
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    Quote Originally Posted by primeesense
    Well I just felt rather small, I guess. "Affected" in the sense that I still remember it 20+ years later, and I just thought it's a good story to show that there are a lot of social pressure for the child in going to a "good school". The pressure can be taken well, or perhaps not so well, depending on the child.
    Allow me to kaypoh... but I think you should be rotan 10x for being so superficial and compare with others over frivolous stuff.

    If you think you suffered, how worse do you think your dad felt??

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    Despite the ups and downs, the financial crisis, the cooling measures and what not, this project has been transacting consistently at about $1200 psf for the past 5 years with fairly regular transactions. Always interesting to read old thread such as this. Not easy predicting prices.

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    any positive spillover effect from Mayfair Garden's enbloc?

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