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Thread: Urban Vista by Fragrance

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    Similar to novena's Bassein loft layout.

    from squarefoot:
    Est. Breakeven ($psf)1,113.3 Est.
    So expected psf at least $14xx
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    Quote Originally Posted by azeoprop
    Found 2 more floor plans...
    OMG, 3 balconies....

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    Quote Originally Posted by East Lover
    This is much better... Any guess on the selling price?
    1 bed 600k+
    2 bed 800k+
    3 bed 1mil+
    4 bed 1.2mil+

    East Village seems like a pretty good buy now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolchoc
    Was looking at URA's web on rental, D5's rental looks better than Tanah Merah... In terms of monthly rent. Wonder if $600+k for this MM will still be good buy. Probably lack of MM in this area to date.
    only the 1 bedders are considered MMs. the rest are just compact sized units

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    I look at 3 bedroom, 872 sf
    3 balconies, with staircase...
    this is really, not possible to cook

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