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Thread: The Nexus (D21, Freehold, Wing Tai)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kane
    when i first heard the target asking I thought it was fairly reasonable considering that their yet to TOP neighbours were asking a good 20-30% higher. Plus this unit comes with high ceiling.
    yes nexus top floor high ceiling is excellent ESP those with unblock view to bukit timah hill

    those r the choice ones and avoids staring at Floridian cascadia neighbours

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    looks like latest measures are really really not working in this area

    blossomvale now 12XX psf was 10XX psf 6 months ago
    maplewoods 12XX psf was 11XX psf 6 months ago
    nexus 13XX-14XX psf was 12XX psf 6 months ago

    even further out projects
    signature park 9XX psf now was 8XX psf 6 months ago

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    As MR B kena banned into this forum.. he has requested me to help him to post this "record breaking" psf for The Nexus

    THE NEXUS BUKIT TIMAH ROAD Condominium 1,850,000 1,206 Strata 1,535 Apr-13

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    it's much higher than $1535 now!

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    Who is B

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