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Thread: #1 Loft, 80 units, Geylang

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    How much did u pay?

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    i brought when the showroom is not ready but had a walk thru at the lower floor and the upper floor wasnt accessible due to the construction ladder but it looks ok. Its the layout that interests me.

    unlike typical loft whereby u can look down and see ur living room from ur upper bedroom, this one looks like a 2 storey house design. although small area, the way bedroom is located at upper level via the stair make the house feels 'big'.

    i got the penthouse corner unit at a discount for first 10 buyers. about 680K after discount. penthouse is an open terrace balcony and where can u afford to get a top floor open balcony at less than 700k freehold very close to city?

    nevermind the hooker issue, i brought primarily to stay first so its very convenient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttercarp
    Congrats on your buy, baby!
    The area is very convenient.
    I like it as it is near nicoll highway n easy to get to town.
    Is the showflat ready yet?
    Btw... the 3 bedder has 2 floors and each floor has a loft, right?
    actually all the units regardless 1 bed or 3 beds do not look like typical loft layout. more like a 2 storeys house aka masionette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desperado1967
    Come 2015 no more chicken liao!

    why u say that bro...?

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    went down today to collect docs from my agent.

    the showroom is now accessible. they are still doing some deco touchup but overall, very impressive to me.

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