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Thread: Novena Regency, 55 units, Fragrance Group

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    Quote Originally Posted by leesg123
    Yeah, i would go for Zenith. Actually D11 respectable area is newton. Novena nope.
    D10 too, bt timah is history and out.
    D11 go for newton
    D10 go for River Valley, Chatsworth, Grange there.
    D9 all except Mckenzie there as i view that as part of little india.
    Zenith area is also something like lesser D9.

    Go for the real RV areas.


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    Hi everyone, tentative latest updates for Novena Regency.

    1. Expected VIP Preview for ex-owners will be on 30th March 13.
    Prospect buyers can view the showflat on that day but no purchase can be
    done until 7th April 13 which is the 1st day of VIP Preview.

    2. There are more pool features than i initially thought so i think units facing inside with pool/landed view of Gentle Lane will be very popular.

    3. Estimated psf range for typical 1/2 br units is abt 2250-2300psf. Overall price shld br from $1.0xmil to $1.1xmil up.

    4. For commercial retail/F&B, the est indicative guide psf range is abt $7200psf to $8800psf range. But taking into consideration what has been transacted at One Dusun Residences, I think the psf shld not be too far off or slightly more since Novena Regency is located in D11.

    I can be contacted at 81835132 for a non-obligatory presentation on or off-site at anytime.
    I think if everything goes well, this will be a sell-out for sure given the positive response of new launches so far.

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    Bigger Pictures just in case u need to zoom in on choice units haha !

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    Experienced bros out there... what do you guys think of this project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smartboy2
    Experienced bros out there... what do you guys think of this project?
    I am not an experienced bro but if I have the money I will buy, both residential and commercial.

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