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Thread: The Panorama

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    Saw SMS... Starts from 6xxK
    Yee ha! Did I tickle your funny bone?

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    I'll be interested to see what floor plans wheelock have in mind for this project.

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    I keep relating it to Paranormal (activity).

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    Thumbs down

    Stupid condo name.....Useless...LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnoon View Post
    So far not much info. but should be out very soon.
    Latest new !

    1. Booking Starts : Targeted Last week of Dec 2013 / 1stweek of Jan 2014

    2. Showflat Viewing for Prospects : Mid-Dec 2013 (planning to open for 2 weekends, this is tentative and to be advised)

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    Seems like the show flat is on the same plot of land where Centro Residence used to build their show flat.. Initially I thought they gonna build the actual site near AMK Central near Centro residence but then realized the actual site is near Mayflower which is actually quite far...

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    Booking Starts : Targeted Last week of Dec 2013 / 1st week of Jan 2014

    Total of 698 Units

    (1BR / 2BR / 2+S / 3BR / 3+S / 4BR / 5BR / PH)

    2 Towers of 20-Storey and 4 Towers of 17-Storey

    You may want register your interest here for first hand news.

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    THE PANORAMA by Wheelock Properties
    Launching Soon! Register your interest for VVIP Preview now!

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    Wah, almost 700 units or easily 2000 people in that small plot of land. Super crowded. The narrow two way one lane each road in front of StNic how to take the traffic?

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