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Thread: The Venue Residences / Shoppes

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    Just passed by and the barriers in front of the shops have been removed and it looks quite classy. However, reading today's newspapers about 3 other strata-titled Malls in the area, really fear the worse.

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    Venue not really a mall ma, just one row of shophouses.

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    Usually only those staying at macpherson area or working near siemens center area will walk pass venue shops to mrt.

    The location next to the messiest road junction somehow hides the visibility to certain extent. People from another side, st michael and geylang bahru, unlikely to walk over.

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    If i were a business and looking to rent a Venue shop, i imagine i will be a semi famous tzi char restaurant from the area. Agree that footfall from passerby wont be fantastic. But the current eateries attract a healthy load of customers daily and i imagine when the roads are widened and parking improved, it will help the area somewhat.

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    Tend to agree restaurant is the safest and probably the right business to operate there.

    The down side is probably on the pricing. Shops there sold with 5000 psf, monthly rental for a small 600 ft shops probably already close to 10000. Only a well known shop with high profit margin can afford.

    While for shops around thong thai cres, the rental may be twice or 3 times cheaper in psf.

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