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Thread: The Venue Residences / Shoppes

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    that kind of rental quite a No-go la...jialat. Maybe only ser seng or the tian wai tian fishhead steamboat can afford

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    Yeah, that is what I found out as well. Even those shops at Macpherson Mall are asking for rent around that figure which is insane.
    Just checked from squarefoot, it seems that there's zero rental transaction yet at Macpherson Mall, really quite worry with Venue Shoppes. I guess Venue Shoppes should do better than MM since there are already many famous eateries nearby. All fingers crossed, hope that it can be quite successful like the Breadtalk HQ.

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    Empty mall is alot more intimidating and turnoff-ish than empty units along a corridor

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    the empty mall could just be across the street

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    Poiz? I guess it should do fine. Just above the mrt and all shops to be managed by one party instead of sold to individual, better chances of curated tenants

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