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Thread: Thomson 800 (D11, Freehold, Property Enterprises Development Pte Ltd)

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    i was just asking; sorry i sounded rude. im not familiar with the area, but from what i can see on the map it looks rather ulu with not much amentities around it. No walkable MRT station nearby too. though its considered D11, its possibly in the most undesirable section of the district.
    No worries lol it's all just friendly discussion. You are right that it's rather ulu and the lack of nearby amentities is indeed 1 of the bad points abt this estate.

    Caldecott MRT though is within walkable distance but it's not the usual "5mins walk" judging frm google map.
    Agents on propertyguru always advertise this as a place for "nature loving folks who likes a view of the reservoir" which indirectly translate to it being in a quiet area without much amentities within walking distance.

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    had a look at onemap. indeed actually caldecott station looks to be within walkable distance. what makes its "not the usual 5min walk"?
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