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Thread: Capitaland's Marine Blue

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    Some may like Cote A'Zur, others prefer Seaview, sound like that there are still a lot of interest in the Katong and Amber area, more than the meyer road area. I guess the proximity to amenities is still an advantage, especially for rental?

    When is Marine Blue launching?

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    From searching the web, it looks like this will be 99 yr leasehold. Another 99 yr leasehold on freehold land?

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    probably taking cue from what FEO is doing in the vicinity. then parc seabreeze and coralis would look really attractive

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    wow are u sure this is gonna be 99LH? If it is, the prices may not be as high as predicted, ie it will be <1800-2000psf.
    however, that said, look at silversea and the shore. silversea i get it, but the shore - 1600-1700psf for a 103LH condo? plus, the location of marine blue is definitely (not arguably) better than the shore.
    so then again, should this be 99LH and not FH, prices will not be lower than 1700psf in my humble amateur opinion.

    at the end of the day, if the following condos can be sold at the prices they were sold/ are being sold at, then what more marine blue:
    1. sky habitat/sky vue
    2. j gateway
    3. echelon
    I've had enough. I'm done!!!

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    Already see alot of agents walkin around the parkway vicinity canvassing interests...

    The time has come....

    *I didnt ask, cos duno why no mood at the moment.... but may dropby showroom when they launch to go kaypoh abit...

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    It will remain as freehold, unlike PUI FEO.

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    Good project. Good time to buy now.

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    Marine Blue floor plan / E - Brochure here
    (Near bottom, PDF file)
    Click on it to view or download.

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    Sales Gallery Open for Viewing from This Saturday, 29th November 2014, 11am to 6pm.
    Sales Gallery located along Bedok South Road (Near Siglap CC)

    floor plan / E - Brochure

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    if the price is 2Kpsf ... why wont the buyer grab those Orchard freehold condos?

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