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Thread: Tre Residences

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    Need to appreciate vibrating floor when staying in the condo.

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    super quiet, no other thread on this mickey mouse condo?

    launching this weekend.

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    Pricing is rather high according to the newspaper.

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    they tried to keep it "Affordable" but shrinking the size like mad lor.

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    Seen the flrplans. 764 compact 3-bedder and 947 4-bedder dual-key is literally insanity!
    You build a 3 or 4 bedder and yet the living can't even accommodate a decent 3 seater sofa?
    For a relatively big project, can't believe BCA still allows such practices to continue by developer!
    Horrible, incorrigible + terrible.

    I would definitely feel a plenty lot for buyers purchasing for own stay!
    Do not pursue the "private housing" dream and hugely compromise the essential daily living.
    HDB is just fine. Pppft

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