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Thread: why pay for floor plan when you can get for free?

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    All past private property sales brochures (with sitemap and floorplans) distributed during launch can be borrowed at the office of Institute of Estate Agents ( Borrowing charge is $2 (members) or $5 (non-members) for each brochure and photocopy charge is $0.2 (members) or $0.3 (non-members).

    I have been borrowing from them since buying my first condo unit back in 2002. All serious homebuyers or property investors should know.
    You still need to pay right? But this app is totally free!

    Give them time. I believe they are uploading as many projects as they could. Their database grew from 30 projects to 60 projects within a week.

    At least there is no watermark for user to download and it is free for Agent to edit and put their face on it.

    Perhaps we should email to them the old floor plan and so that they can put it in the web and share it.

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    Currently, there are 90 projects floor plan uploaded.

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    when they collected enough, they probably will start to charge a minimum amount!

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    threadstarter sounds fake. account set up the day app was launched.

    shitty app.

    trying to make some money still can ask people to email floor plans.

    talk normally pls.

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    hwz also got

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