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Thread: why pay for floor plan when you can get for free?

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    Westwood EC going to launch soon! View the floorplan with this app.

    over 166 projects floorplan and growing for you to view with this app for free!

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    Thanks Agent Marcus for informing me thru email! Was told that today, all the Singapore properties advertise in the Saturday Straits Times (exclude classified) floorplan can be found in this EE-floorplans app for android! (hopefully this is true!)

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    i loaded ... tried ....

    looks like only the newer condos' floorplans are there ...

    those TOP before 2008 ... not there

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    Hi Proud Owner,

    Thanks for the downloading! The app and contents are contributed by a small group of Agents. We still have a lot of TOP projects floorplan yet to upload and we target to upload more than 300 projects by end of the year. Hopefully, by then, you get to see more of those floorplan TOP before 2008.

    We are committed to provide this service free for everyone to view it. No watermark on the pic. High resolution floorplan. If you like it, do click on the advertisement ad to support us. No obligation.

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    Do update the app and enjoy the improve search feature for free!

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