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Thread: why pay for floor plan when you can get for free?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelonguni View Post
    IPhone 6S Plus is out le.
    I'm waiting for 100 Plus le.

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    View the latest Criterion and Thomson Impression floorplan using this Ee FloorPlan.

    Available both on Android and IOS (improving) now!

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    View the latest principal garden floorplan. Up to 290 projects floorplan for your bedtime viewing.

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    Many thanks to agents/owners who email and share their floorplans with us. The database currently has 300 projects and growing! The Android and Iphone apps are free to download. Do support us by clicking on the advertisement.

    Download the iphone version:

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    Can I have the Android apps link.

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    Merci (Thank you).

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    view infamous Kong Hee Oceanfront @ sentosa cove penthouse floorplan using IPhone eefloorplan version! (Anyone knows which type?)

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    block 295 #11-19

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    guys.. i have personally compile a list of brochures on my facbeook page. Completely free for download.

    All i request is LIKE.. lol

    any suggestion for improvements hope to get your feedback -> under "Brochure" tab

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