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    Any fellow buyers here?

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    Very keen to get a unit. I think only few units left... Waiting for the market to drop Le..

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    Yeah. I know. The price was a bit high, but not unreasonable. for this project, the developer is not bound by the rules where it must sell off all units by a certain time. So I think developer has some holding power.

    It's a very nice development I felt after seeing so many other projects, including resale ones. Especially so if you like the east coast area. I also mulled over it for along time before deciding.

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    Last 11 units. 2 more units sold over the weekend. 1 ground 1 penthouse unit.

    3 bedder Typical & Penthouses only. PSF price from $14XX.

    Feel free to contact me if you are keen.

    9773 9232 Jeremy
    70 St Pat's core team agent

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    Development applying for site inspection. My guess is TOP by end June 2016.

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