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Thread: Panorama raise prices wef today??

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    13 units sold in Sep. Seems like losing steam already. Perhaps due to price increase?

    With 191 units remaining, think developer can cruise to fully sold in about a year.

    Let's see if Thomson Impressions will aid in Panorama last burst of fire or not.

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    But within 2 weeks into October they already sold 12 units.

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    Wow. U have access to Oct info which I dun have. I only know Sep info which is from URA website. Guess it wun take more than 1 yr to sell the remaining units.

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    Actually my info also from URA website, you can check here:

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    I heard from my agents that pano sales continue to be aggressive even after the slight price increase. Is that true? Anyone can help to confirm on that?

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