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Thread: Paya Lebar Quarter

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    A Katong Regency 2 bedroom unit was recently sold @ 1983 psf ( 1.9M for 958sqft) . It wasn't even one of the higher floors. It looks like the price has been lifted by the Park Place Res launch since that is LH and went at an average of 1800 psf while KR is FH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PropVestor View Post
    Actually there are some linkage to it. PLQ pricing has lifted entire D14 prices like future Eunos Ville pricing (en bloc at $122mil above asking) and in some way Sim Urban Oasis and TRE sell throughs.

    330 more hopefuls with $2.2mil+ in the pocket looking around. They can easily afford the most expensive unit in PPR (Phase I prices).

    My bet is LandLease will wait till 2018 and then dust off their showroom for re-launch with their Mall and Offices semi-completed in the background.

    You can own things that people do not have by seeing things that they do not yet see.

    2 cents,
    Indeed, PPR made SUO and TRE looked very affordable (by being $400-500 lower in psf).

    Both these projects have been selling quite well since, despite substantial price increase (some 10-15% I heard) in between.

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