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Thread: The Artra, the next Mixed Development in D3 right next to Redhill MRT

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    Share value in mixed developments

    A mixed development can comprise residential units, offices and shops in one development. Some examples are Roxy Square, The Plaza, Sunshine Plaza and Burlington Square. In such developments, different weight factors are used to account for the unequal usage of common facilities among the different user groups. Shops, which incur a higher percentage of maintenance expenses because they use more air-conditioning and other facilities like escalators, are allotted a proportionately larger share value. Shop owners therefore pay a higher levy than owners of offices or residential units.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HP65 View Post
    Thanks for your comments! My heart also say PG, Crest but my brain says Redhill side...hmm. I think I will think about the tenant profile and decide which area is better. If buying bigger units, targeting families, then Crest, PG might be better. But if targeting singles or DINkY, then maybe Redhill would be preferred....

    I love it that this forum is stirring again....after a long hiatus the last few years....


    PM-ed you....

    meanwhile ... if you are targeting singles...rental .... close to MRT... i feel Queens Peak is better ....

    Direct access from Condo to MRT station...

    yet it has VIEWs that Artra lacks ...

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    This change was made to address the imbalance in share values in a mixed development. Share values are assigned when a unit is first sold, and help determine what each owner pays in maintenance fees and how many voting rights he has in an estate’s management.

    Although share values are partly determined by unit size, owners of commercial units generally get more share values than home owners. For every one share value given to a home owner, an office owner in the same estate gets four and a shop owner, five.

    This has led to complaints from residents in mixed developments who are reluctant to sell their estate en bloc but who may not have a choice.

    The proposed change has itself been tweaked since March, when the Ministry of Law first considered a second layer of consent.

    Its initial proposal was based on the total number of an estate’s units, rather than its total area. But after feedback from the public and experts, the ministry changed its mind.

    Property consultants yesterday said the new rule will make things more equitable for home owners.

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    3 more days to give your LOA & cheque.

    LOA & cheque collection closed on 24 April

    9 more days to balloting

    Step by Step on D-Day.

    Official Launch:
    29/4/2017 (balloting)

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