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Thread: US Federal Reserve raises interest rates to 1% in bid to hold off inflation

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    Default US Federal Reserve raises interest rates to 1% in bid to hold off inflation

    Speculators and overstretched homeowners die pain pain ah

    The time has also come for quick unwind of (mostly property) funds.

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    Wow good news, US is recovering Property Price going up soon.

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    Interest rates and house prices do not exist in a vacuum and both are influenced by the overall strength or weakness of our broader economy.

    Rising interest rates generally occur in a healthy economic environment where future price inflation is expected, making them a by-product of positive economic momentum.

    While it certainly is true that higher rates increase borrowing costs, this generally happens in periods with rising incomes, higher levels of employment and increasing consumer confidence. To take our contrarian thinking to its logical conclusion, we should all be rooting for higher interest rates.

    Seriously. Rock bottom rates are sustained when concern over inflation is replaced by fears of disinflation and outright deflation.

    Higher rates, on the other hand, are a sign of increasing confidence in our future economic prospects.

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    With rate raising more reasons to remove cooling measures.

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    Finally return to normalcy.

    We have already adjusted due to TDSR in 2013.
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