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Thread: URA: Max 6 Tenants in Private Properties

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    there are still 2 more years to go if u sign/renew the tenancy with more than 6 foreign workers by this sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcachon View Post
    It may be good, depending on how one look at it.

    If you spend a million dollar and your neighbor rent their unit to FW would you want to spend the million dollars?

    But that would further lower the vacancy rates?

    I don't think URA is going after vacancy rates, they get too many complaints on FW in Condo.

    It is cheaper to house FW in Condo than the dormitory.
    The record is "50" in two 2BR units:

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    For me, it's good. I never rent to more than two or three persons and prefer them to be related.

    But those buy to rent landed will kenna big.

    The policy is biased against those with huge units.

    No wonder landed price last quarter suddenly dropped by about 2%...
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    hmm...about 2.5 months from passing law to URA issue guideline.
    it was mentioned that article
    "The new law will also limit the number of unrelated tenants in private apartments to six, down from the currently allowed eight. "

    will it have any impact ?
    no aware of any news of actions taken against AirBnb and those hosts despite new law being passed in 2017-02-26.

    those who stayed within the old guideline (8) will continue to stay in the new guideline (6).
    those who stay on the gray area will continue to stay in the gray area.
    does the above guideline forbid hot bunking? it maybe interpreted that only 6 occupants INSIDE the unit at the same time. with hotbunking, a total of 18 occupants, 6 at each 8hour time slots.

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