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Thread: Life is a struggle.You struggle ... again & again. And one day, you trumph

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    Be a banker

    Singapore is the fastest growing private wealth management hub. It has grown its assets under management from $1.17 billion in 2007 to $2.7 trillion in 2017. It may "overthrow" Switzerland to clinch the top spot in global offshore wealth mgmt by 2020. US bank also sees Singapore as one of the top offshore RMB hub by 2020 (Better learn to write & speak Mandarin well).

    The Singapore Govt has been given the AAA credit rating by international credit rating agencies since mid 90s. So Singapore dollar always draws safe haven seekers from Malaysia, Indonesia, China etc. The strength of S$ is proven as a worth holding value. It has appreciated against Ringgit (From 1 S$ =Rm$1.6 to Rm$3), USD (from S$2 to S$1.38) pound (from 1 Pound =S$3 to S$1.8), Canada (From 1 Can =1.45 to 1.06), Australian (from 1 Aus = S$1.3 to S$0.97) etc . As long as we continue to see worries over corrupted govt mismanagement policies still persist , then Singapore may still benefit from the safe-haven tag.

    If you are a young graduate or below age 30, hardworking (no 9 to 5 attitude) , self motivated to learn (knowledge is power) & have average good communication skill willing to serve all type of walk of life clients. Then you should seek opportunities to work in the banking sector. An ave banker can retire @age 55. Above ave banker can retire @ age 50. A good banker can retire @ age 40.
    A star banker earn more than our minister pay. Just don't make mistake & mis-sell. Follow stricitly the bank rule & regulation.

    My friend's daughter just graduated from NUS (political science) with ave result. But she can "talk" well. Got a retail banking job selling bank products. Starting pay $3600. My nephew is just a ave student but always on the move to learn. Go door to door selling yakult (part-time). He just took "any" fast track private degree course (1.5 yrs) .Got a job in the bank with starting pay $3k. Example of "Action is the measure of intelligence".

    I saw my former Polytechnic lecturer at UOB securities working as a remisier in the 90s (boom times).He definitely make the right career switch. His impatience & short temper character is totally not suitable for him to work as a lecturer. A few of my poly classmates wrote a complain letter to HR dept about his way of teaching.

    My senior friend knows that a good experience banker earns est 500k to 600k a year. He brought me to see his new banker (mid 30s).
    We were very surprise he can earn 300k+ a year at such a young age. He is just above average banker. Can easily retired 10 yrs later at mid 40s if he decided to quit due to stress.

    I have a rare opportunities to meet & talk to a young SAF sword of honour recipient in 2007 whom my friend brought him to have a game of badminton. He told me that he was going to London to work in the banking sector ( Barclay ). He was promoted to mgr level years later. By now he must have earned > S$18 mil after 10 yrs on the job. Star bankers per annum income can exceed $3 mil. Look at our former SMRT CEO ,"a few star" SAF general (probably also SAF sword of honour recipient) . So stressful working in this political charge SMRT company earning $1.5mil to 2mil a year. He just resigned 6 mths ago after less than 2-3 years on the job.

    My friend bankers were so good they were put over to take charge of the SG tycoon billionaire investment portfolio. Each (FX & equity ) given $200mil to manage. They will be paid handsomely better than his current bank job if they are able to meet a certain set of performance return.

    I know 3 bankers got promoted to a branch mgr within 6 yrs. Singapore banks (DBS , UOB & OCBC) are at their most profitable companies. It is because US FED keeps printing trillion of $$$$$. Sale target is easy to meet due to low interest rate environment for the past 18 years. My former lady banker talk to me like "ah lian" (Don't like that leh in hokkien). I like her style.She is in the early 40s. Probably can quit in a 10 years time to become a full time small tai tai.

    Banking and finance is one of the most stressful jobs. But it is worth it as the amount of money you earn in 10-15 yrs will enable you to quit if you want. A good matured banker can easily switch bank & may get a higher salary than previous employer. But not for matured moderate skill engineer at age 40+. Likely to get pay cut. Worst cannot find job & become a taxi driver.

    Since banking is a stressful job. You need to know why to de-stress.
    Exercise - Maintain good health is the best wealth

    Drink a lot of water everyday.
    It keep your body system healthy

    Go to a Calm place like garden by the bay in the morning.. Peaceful & calm. It is so much better when it is raining.
    Looking at the water flow down from the dome glass is a enjoyment. Peaceful & calm.

    Rain sound Music therapy. etc etc

    Yoga meditation (new to me).
    A variety of techniques, including postures and movement, breath awareness and breathing exercises, and relaxation and concentration


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    Quote Originally Posted by cbsh38584 View Post

    Buy base on Buggy Jumping strategy - A huge phobia of heights

    Bungee jumping is the scariest thing when you first step off the ledge but once you force yourself jump afterwards it feels amazing and really want to try again.

    We should not be a frog in the well ( see the little patch of sky above inside the well).A person with a limited outlook when it comes to global events. So many things have changed after the once in a century US financial crisis in 2008. Stagnant pay , no certainty of job security , high cost of living (milk power), surging housing price , US/China trade war etc etc.

    It is very tough when it comes to making a living. Retirement a scary prospect for lower/middle income group($1500-$5000). Without change in saving and investing behaviour, you expect to work as slaves for money for the rest of your life. Hopefully, you health permit you to work beyond age 70. Life is always a struggle. So do not get yourself into a painful struggle which you can avoid at young age. 金钱不是万能的 没有金钱是万万不能的. Money is not everything no money is totally NO NO NO in SG. Start investing as young as possible.

    It is extremely importantly when you invest, you need to choose a journey of investing against the herd instinct group of majority people (90%). I have made many mistakes & survived. I survived 1997/98 Asia financial in 1998 & the 2008/2009 US financial crisis. My 20yrs + investing experience accumulated tell me that patience is really key in crisis investing. Investing in crisis time is the most rewarding and it will shortened your journey to Financial Freedom. But it is one of the most difficult investing decision. Only the "very NEW investor (pnly <10%) , very experience investors who have gone through a few of these crisis , investors which has alot of CASH avail will only dare to invest.

    Do not blindly follow your remisers, your bankers , your friends/relative , analysis report recommendation etc. If your base on your stock mkt or individual stock FEAR analysis. Your decision will be more right than wrong. At least you are buying price way below calm (no fear) price. Example. Bankers/other recommend starhub at $3.50(calm price ) (high was 4.50 - very optimistic price ) base on dividend yield (5%). You will likely to lose a lot as the price is now $1.68. It is the same for M1 or Keppel corp, SembCorp etc.

    Fool me ONCE , shame on YOU. (kena scammed playing penny stock)
    Fool me TWICE, shame on ME. (Take revenge to recoup earlier penny stock loses)
    Fool me 3rd TIME,How STUPID I am. (Base on hope investing - Old habit dies hard)
    Fool me the 4th TIME, I need to be CONDEMNED.( Still cant get rid of herd instinct investing)
    Fool me the 5th , 6th TIME, Totally hopeless gamblers (borrow from parent , friends, relative , loan shark).
    The final tragedy for a hopeless GAMBLER will bring financial disaster to his/her families.

    Below are a few small & big crisis that stock price is more attractive (fear price - NOT EXTREMELY fear like the 2008/2009)
    2010 - Middle east crisis
    2011 - Greece or Europe debt crisis
    2012 - US deficit crisis (now all ok - just print more)
    2015 - China crisis
    2016 - Russia & Oil & gas crisis
    2019/2020 - Continuous Trade war or Balloon US debt lead to Global crisis soon

    Invest like Warren buffet (richest man in the world).
    1) Buy during "tough" times. Tought times never last. Extreme CHEAP or VALUE stock happen during blood in the street (CARSH).
    Buy during blood in the street . The downside risk is tremendously reduced. Upside gain is tremendous.

    2) Buy good blue chip stock (SG & 3 big China banks) & keep a long-term to collect dividend. Just like you are buying a "property " renting out to collect rental

    3)UNIT TRUST - Buy during FEAR times
    A unit trust pools money together & is managed by a professional mgr. It attempt to create portfolios that outperform the mkt over a long period of time (15 to 25 yrs).

    Schroder growth fund - Return 8%+ since incept (1991)
    UOB Global health fund -Return 8%+ since incept (2001)
    1st statement dividend fund - Return 8%+ since incept
    AIA regional equity fund - Return 8%+ since incept
    Prudential SG managed - Return 6%+ since incept (1991
    Aberdeen pacific equity fund - Return 9%+ since incept

    Bond fund (R2-3) Low risk return 2-3%
    Invests primarily in fixed-income assets, such as treasury bonds, corporate bonds or municipal bond. During the optimistic time, you can switch to Bond fund & wait for the next crisis to come & switch buy to high risk unit trust.
    More for experience investors.

    Balanced Fund (R5) - Moderate risk . Return 3%-4%
    Invests in both stocks (50%) and bonds (50%).

    Income fund (R6) - Slightly high risk return 4% to 5%
    Invest into stocks that have consistently high dividends like banks , reits , telco etc.

    Growth Fund (8) High risk return >10%.Can also be -10%
    invests in stocks that have the potential to grow substantially
    like Alibaba, Amazon etcAs long as your have the long term investment horizon. Itshould able to outperform in long run (15 -20yrs).

    Sector fund (7-8) - High risk
    Invests in stocks in a particular industry sector, like financial services , mining or world energy , health care etc.
    Don't put everything into one basket (sector risk)

    Single country fund - High risk. No diversification.
    Example if there is a Korea war. The Korea fund will be greatly hit the most.
    Vietnam fund was launched at $1.00 in 2007. Still below $1 after 10 yrs.

    Young investors can afford to buy (fear) growth fund as long as they have the long term investment horizon. This is to ride through the roller coaster volatility . Holding period at least 15 yrs.But if you are in the 50s. The best optional is to buy income stock. Give quarterly dividend. Timing entry is important.

    If you are in the 60s. Better put your money into your own CPF earning 2.5% to 6%.I have "deposited" into my Father's (age 88) CPF RA acct earning 6% (1st 30k is 6%. Next 30k is 5%).

    Very important to take note
    Greed investing kills just like speeding on the road which will eventually kill you .Never touch speculative stock especially small cap. Don’t trade as it will be a waste of time due to your own human emotional weakness.

    Just be very patience. Wait for the next crisis to come to buy EXTREME fear price. Investing is very simple to grow your retirement. It is you who make it very complex , difficult or no guarantee win. It all about own GREED & herd investing.

    CPF is part of your alternative retirement. So start self contribute cash to max out $37k/year (employee + employer+ own cash) if you have the ability. Any excess of 37k/yr, CPF will return the excess with ZERO invest. Start from $100 per mth through ASX machine.

    Today The Straits time FRONT PAGE news - ASIAN MARKETS SELL-OFF

    It mean fear in the market. A buy signal for emerging market.

    Fear can turn into Worst fear. It mean a best buy signal

    When all world central bank pump in money to rescue the stock market. It is all time best buy. But you need
    to wait much longer time.

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    Be positive. 2019 new year resolution. Be more happy & healthy

    我 们 的 烦 脑 跟 病 是 想 出来. 我 们 已经 10 年 被 耽误. 終於覺醒.

    After so many years of negative thinking. It seriously affect relationship with family, friends etc. Finally now can see through it all.
    No longer "locking up" myself. I want to remove my chains (negative thought).

    Accept that life is always up and down. Good days give you happiness; bad days give you experiences; both are essential to life.

    RIVER never go reverse. So try to live like RIVER, forget the past & focus on future….Always be positive

    In fate, it was already decided that you be rich or poor,
    If life destines something for you, you will have it in the end.
    Fate brings people together even thousand miles from far apart.

    Be happy as Happiness is the best cosmetic and health.

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