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Thread: Life is a struggle.You struggle ... again & again. And one day, you trumph

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    Beautiful country, Switzerland with beautiful music background.

    Holiday trip is to reconnect with you loves one, seek relaxation & peace.

    Exercise is for quality of life. It secrete a chemical from the brain called dopamine that makes you happy.

    Music is the medicine of the mind. Help to reduce stress thereby reduce blood pressure & others.

    Life should be more holiday & less stress after retirement.

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    My eldest son (9) came back from school & anxiously ask me what is the meaning of life.
    I was quite surprise as he & his classmate were talking about it. My simple response is that
    Life is a long journey of many sadness (downs) & happiness (ups).

    The journey of life
    Sometimes I was alone looking back at the old times

    It was me in the past, full of sadness,anger and frustration

    False blames and accusations (it destroy relationship)

    It caused great feeling of unfairness to build up (unhappiness)

    Always cared a lot about rumours and responses (self esteem )

    Learned the lesson (Pain changes people. Forget about hurt you. Never forget what taught you)

    Led by books and literatures (Good book changes your life)

    After so many years now can see through it all, no longer locking up myself. My chains (negative thought) are gone .

    I feel that I know the way (Good days give you happiness; bad days give you experiences; both are essential to life)

    I wonít be as stupid as before ( A negative thought will never give you a positive life)

    Wipe away the tears (a new beginning of new life) , walk forward relaxed and smiling.

    In fate it was already decided that you be rich or poor,

    If life destines something for you, you will have it in the end.

    If life destines you never to have it, there is no point forcing it.

    What is false will never be true; truth is always true;

    Always believed that silence is gold.

    There is justice is what is right and wrong.

    The person who does good deserves the greatest joy.

    Careful in speaking so not to offend others.

    When cold storms come up, donít take it too seriously.

    So long as your conscience is clear.

    Confidence fills the heart.

    No need to care about sarcasm (derision, mockery, ridicule) and questioning;

    Let people laugh and condemn as they like (have a peaceful mindset)

    Live on as a cool (positive motivated) and carefree person (Happy person)

    Young people, live on as a cool (positive motivated) and carefree person (happy person).

    Continue to walk on, live on as a cool (positive motivated) and carefree person (happy person)

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    All shall come to past. Cherish the limited time of existence given to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azeoprop View Post
    All shall come to past. Cherish the limited time of existence given to us.

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    The American has given Asia 40 yrs of prosperity since 1970s. Job hopping is so common in 80s.90s. Some of my friends job hopped >8 times. In the 80s/90s/early 2000s, we have the hard disk ,pager ($300 each) , Motorola V6 handphone , HP Optocoupler IC , fiber etc etc industries booming.

    O/T on Sun was 3x. pay. The rest was 2x pay for the booming hard disk surging demand. O/T >100 hrs/mth. In Motorola profit sharing was 12%-18% of the gross pay .Non-executive gross pay with O/T is 20% > mgr. Some of the senior oprs (Basic $800-$1k) gross pay with O/T > the engineer basic pay which create some unhappiness. My Motorola senior colleagues turned down the offer to be promoted to mgr which mean less 25% to 35% take home pay. At HP, there is also plenty of O/T due to surging demand for Optocoupler IC/Fiber. Miss shipment is common. One of my operator was able to buy a small land in Msia with many years of saving through plenty of O/T. Today, it is totally impossible even with O/T.

    Many things have changed after the once in a century US financial crisis in 2008/09. stagnant pay in some "sunset companies" , job security a problem for late 40s or early 50s employees, high cost of living (milk power), surging housing price , surging insurance premium due to high medical cost etc etc

    AI technologies
    Nearly 1 in 5 SG employees fears losing jobs to automation.In China, at Foxconn, which makes the iPhone. The robots have already replaced about 60k workers. More jobs will be loss by 2025 through automation.

    Protectionism - Global Trade war under Trump
    Trump trade wars with China , Canada , Japan & European union. Let just hope it will be escalated in a real trade wars.

    5G technologies - Everybody loves speed
    4G transfer speeds 1 ggb per sec. That means it takes about an hr to download a short HD movie

    5G transfer speeds 10-20 ggb per sec. That means a full HD movie can be downloaded in a matter of second

    China is aggressively developing 5G. The American wants to stop China .
    How does it affect you & me or Singapore as a country if 5G is avail by 2020-2025 ?

    Many bosses are using Whatapps to improve productivities & able to reduce redundant workers.

    Jobs securities - disruptive tech, relocation etc
    My friend (Single) was retrenched at age 51 as it was relocated to cheaper country. Many Interviews are a waste of time as most of the bosses prefer fresh & young. Just like men prefer to look for fresh & young girl. That how he feels.

    Terrorism in Singapore a long term threat

    Low birth rate in SG
    Japan's falling birth rate posing serious problems for economy
    By 2065, it is projected to drop to 88 million from 127 million (2017) if nothing is being done to increase it.
    FYI, Singapore birth rate is even lower than Japan. So SG needs to import immigrants which will cause a lot of unhappiness.

    金钱不是万能的 没有金钱是万万不能的
    Money is not everything no money is totally NO NO NO in SG

    人无远虑, 必有近忧
    If one has no long-term considerations, he can hardly avoid troubles every now and then.; He who has no anxious thoughts for the future will find trouble right at hand.; If a man is not farsighted, he is bound to encounter difficulties in the near future.; Those who do not plan for the future will find trouble at their doorstep.

    For high income earner, CPF (2.5% to 5%) is definitely the safest way to plan for your retirement. High interest rate & risk free guarantee by govt.

    To get better retirement return in the next 20 to 30 yrs, U cannot depend on your salary for retirement if you are middle or lower income group. U need to invest wisely. No greed , no speculative stock, no trading (in/out) of stock, no buying 4D/toto or smoking
    $100-300/mth etc.

    Buy when there is "blood in the street "or extreme fear in the mkt to come. You need ultimate patience to wait for the next crisis to come. It will definitely comes. Buy SG/China three big banks stock , Apple , Amazon , Google , Microsoft etc . Hold for long term 20-30 yrs. DO NOT monitor. Stay true to your investment for the next 20-30yrs.
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