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Thread: Noob asking D21 question

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    The only people whom I know to be interested in Cascadia, are those who have daughters and aiming to gain proximity advantage in the P1 registration exercise for MGS. If you belong to one of those, then just get whatever that is within your affordability. The end goal is the school registration.

    One of such friends stay in a 2+1 with two kids, and a helper. Hence, technically possible even with two kids.
    Then rent is even a better choice.

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    Agree. But there is a MOE requirement for the family to stay in the address used for P1 registration for a minimum period of 30 months from registration date. Most parents fear that the landlord will exercise the right to sell clause during this period, and the family gets booted out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander1984 View Post
    I think 2 is the target. But while they are young, the +1 may do the trick?
    I think there is no issue if you plan to move to bigger place 10 years later. Otherwise the place will feel too small for family of 4 or 5 (w/helper).

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