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Thread: Buying Attitude Index - Q3 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by chestnut View Post
    People talk about winter coming.... I am very puzzled?????? Before winter (recession), there neeeds to be popping of champagne, exuberance, feeling jolly.... a new peak, where are all this signs???? Where is the irrational exuberance???? Can someone enlighten me????

    The housing asset bubble was prevented by the cooling measures. If the cooling measures were not implemented, I would be offloading now as a foamy bumble has formed. Hahahahaha
    I see spring coming, not winter. Winter already 3.5 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chestnut View Post
    Was watching the documentary about Hong Kong housing and really hope Singapore don't turn out that way. If not our children will suffer. Housing is so unaffordable in Hong Kong. Slow and steady increase keeping up w inflation is better for the good of all Singaporeans.
    Agree, as long as the country does well regionally, our assets should continue to appreciate. the govt has done their bit by ensuring our property market is now more resilient.

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    Anytime, winter or not, is a good time to buy provided you know what you are buying.

    Anytime is a bad time to buy if buying indiscriminately.

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    Number of votes: 15
    Index: 73 - 13 = 60

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