This is don't know how many times we have caught LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't the previous time you claimed that CPF Life gives you 7.5% return?
(Can't remember now? See here evidence captured:

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I am repeating and this like 30th time now AND You are still NOT ANSWERING my QUESTION:
Didn't you claim CPF Life gives 7.5% return in your previous post?

Post of evidence of your LIE is at this URL here:

Why after I exposed your LIE, you are not going to defend your PONZI "7.5% return" for CPF Life any more???
Is it because you know you are unable to defend the "7.5%" after being exposed??? Ha ha ha!
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yes received, thanks.
cpf life standard return is of interest to most of us here, so why need to pm to me only?

I have a question though - why a person who die at age 75 only get a return of -0.3%?
If a person die at age 85, the return is only 2.6%, much lower than RA 4% interest. Why so?
This is considering that your calculation include the period from Age 55 where you get as high as 6% interest for 10 years.

teddybear calculation on the other hand only calculate the return from Age 65 & thus the return figure will be different from yours.
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Didn't know you the BIGGEST LIAR here is still around to spill more LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
The BIGGEST LIAR here calling other people BULLSHIT? Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you spill more LIES, why don't you clarify your previous LIES:

Since you are still around here, why not you confirm to us whether you are claiming that Olam (majority controlled by Temasek) has rigged its book in order to avoid paying taxes on capital injection???? (since you claimed that PUB must pay taxes on Gov's capital injection!)