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Thread: Should Obikes be allowed INTO the condo compound?

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    Quote Originally Posted by proud owner View Post
    It is no longer a rare sight to find Yellow bikes leaning against lamp posts, Trees, etc, outside condo entrances.

    These bikes serve to support the Green scheme, which is good.

    Unlike in NYC and London, users diligently return the bikes to their designated racks, READY FOR THE NEXT USER.

    In Singapore, they are tossed everywhere. Even down a HDB flat.

    When I check with several condos, if they allow entry to these bikes, 10 out of 10 said NO.


    A rider leases the bike when he unlocks it. The moment he reaches his destination and Locks it, the lease ends.

    Which renders the bike "ownerless'.

    Some will argue that it is just like a rented car.

    A resident who leases a car, 'OWNS" the car for the entire period, until it is returned.
    The resident also registers the IU with the MCST, and will probably be allocated a parking lot.

    These bikes are different.

    As explained, the moment is it locked, the rider no longer owns the bike. Hence it constitute Trespassing.

    Some users bring them home. That violates "READY FOR THE NEXT USER" when he becomes the sole user. It is a selfish act.

    Once they are locked, they cannot be Pushed. They can only be LIFTED. They are heavy and takes 2 person to carry them out of the estate.

    Does your condo ALLOW these bikes?

    If YES, Please state which condo.
    If No, State which condo as well..

    A good scheme that is being abused by the users.
    If these bikes are allowed into the estate, will it affect the image of your condo? (i dont see them at St Regis or Marq)
    will these bikes be left all over the condo compound? knowing how users have left them any old how by the road... (some are even found in cementery..

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    Quote Originally Posted by proud owner View Post
    Arcachon posted a facebook link to this thread

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