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Thread: 'World's largest' construction factory opens at Forest City

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    Default 'World's largest' construction factory opens at Forest City

    'World's largest' construction factory opens at Forest City

    Built to house the entire production base for the township, it combines research, design, production and transport processes

    August 5, 2017


    COUNTRY Garden Pacificview, the master developer of Forest City and a joint venture between China's Country Garden and Malaysia's Esplanade Danga, on Friday opened what it said was the world's largest Industrialised Building System (IBS) factory at Forest City in the Iskandar Region.

    Built to house the entire production base for the construction of Forest City, it will integrate construction design, precast concrete production, transportation, processing of accessories, assembly construction, as well as materials research and development functions within the facility.

    The factory has the capacity to produce materials for up to one million square metres of built-up area. Country Garden Pacificview plans to add up to five more factories to the 417 acre (169 hectare) site. When completed, the six factories will be able to produce materials needed to support the equivalent of six million square metres of built-up area.

    "While the initial focus of the facility will be to accelerate the development of Forest City, excess capacity will also be used to support the growing construction opportunities in South-east Asia," it said.

    IBS is a modern construction technique that standardises the design process, while digitising, automating and modernising the processes of construction and building parts production.

    Prefabricated and prefinished structural components are manufactured in a controlled environment before they are transported and installed on site. This ensures better construction quality and higher productivity levels at lower costs.

    Country Garden Pacificview on Friday also announced several updates to the township development of Forest City.

    For instance, it has tied up with telecommunications provider PCCW Global to provide an energy-efficient data centre that will enable businesses and residents in Forest City to access smart energy, transport and utility management services.

    Country Garden Pacificview has also signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with 21 companies as it seeks to become a regional destination for businesses, residents and visitors from around the Asia-Pacific.

    The master developer has said that it had committed to develop some key industries in Forest City: tourism and MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and events); healthcare; education and training; a destination for regional headquarters; near-shore finance; an e-commerce service base in Asean; application of emerging technologies and a service centre; and sectors related to a green and smart city.

    The latest partners that it signed MOUs with include:

    Foshan Hospital, a general traditional Chinese medicine hospital to provide healthcare and medical treatment for residents and tourists;

    The Malaysian Healthcare Tourism Council, an agency under the country's Ministry of Health which will develop programmes that promote Malaysia as a place for assisted reproductive-health services in China;

    Focus Adventure, a Singapore-based company that will organise eco-tour experiences in the mangrove forests and wetlands around Forest City to promote environmental conservation;

    Glyken Group, a Johor-based swiftlet farming company that will build South-east Asia largest bird's nest museum; and

    Nashwork, a Chinese co-working space operator.

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    Chinese "One Dragon" concept beginning to take shape.

    LKY did it in Singapore long ago, the Chinese learn a lot from him.

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    The power of China at the door steps, mighty yet scary...

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    Quote Originally Posted by anythingwhatever View Post
    The power of China at the door steps, mighty yet scary...
    You can either join the fun or seat by the bench watching.

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