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Thread: Boon Keng or Balestier?

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    Cool Boon Keng or Balestier?

    Hi I am a Noobie here. Wondering if any of you can give your views on which area is better for long term investment between these 2 area in D12.
    Boon Keng or Balestier (assuming around the same price)?

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    prefer Boon keng

    'newer' estate
    fewer condos
    wider roads
    more space for future development

    too crowded
    traffic issue
    too competitive when it comes to renting out

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    Boon Keng area with a stretch of mrt station

    Balestier no mrt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwong71 View Post
    Boon Keng area with a stretch of mrt station

    Balestier no mrt.
    Balestier can access both Novena and Boon Keng mrt though

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    between the two i'd go for boonkeng.
    balestier has a slightly dodgy feel and a lot of "foreign talents".
    however the balestier on the side of the new hospital ie minbu road side, is much better than the shaw plaza side.
    the reason why you are intrigued by balestier is probably because you found a number of units there which fit your budget. beware that this could also mean there are lot of units looking for buyer.
    for investment purpose ie rental, i actually do think balestier condo like prestige height is not bad, at least yield wise. a unit sold for 460k recently true fire sale. rental 1800. so really not bad in terms of rental.

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