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Thread: morgan stanley bullish outlook for property

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    I can't agree rental is normal, try asking landlord's incl myself, in fact is still far from "normal", good luck for those who is buying new launches @ 1700-2000 psf for OCD, I rather buy resales, still hv some good bargains out there and prime locations too, but ABSD is not doing any good...sign...
    when did you first start tracking rental prices? in 2005 rental was even lower than today, and the peak was in 2010-2012.

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    2005 ?
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    Australia has increased stamp duty surcharge for foreigners (ABSD) from 4% to 8% in addition to normal stamp duty of 4%. So foreigners purchasing OZ (nsw and vic) properties are slapped with 12% duties.

    Therefore the liquidity that exist in Sg can not be easily exported to other countries. Low interest rates will be persistent. Cooling measures will not be lifted any time soon, because other countries are starting to be protective of their own property market.

    So what choice do you have? Waiting for price to crash is a fat hope and slim chance. Soon people will realized the real situation and take any slim margin on the return of Sg property. Because as I mentioned before, a 10% increase on a leveraged Sg property worth more than 100% increase of foreign property over a period of time.

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    Logically if low interest rates persist, cooling measures will remain status quo. In the long run, Singapore property remains as an attractive asset class.

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    look at the world map, how big is SG? even OCD also not so far out

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