Much still depends on the intention for the property.

For OCR, one possibility of utilisation is own stay. The cost is still manageable for an average Singaporean family. Can an average family afford to live in the CCR FH property for sustained periods of time?

The potentially lower yields is compensated by this flexibility I feel.

Anyway, to be brutally honest to you, $6,000 for CCR FH 1300 sqft is not unheard of. It translates into a rent of $50 per sq m. But looking through the whole set of URA rental data, only a handful of developments ever cross this benchmark for median rent. Most of those that reach this rental rates are new and/or Mickey Mouse units.

But in today's situation, reaching the price and location and size and rent (all four conditions met) is just not possible. Any unit selling for 1.3mil in CCR FH (1300 sqft) that has a tenancy of $6,000 (or even $5,000), let me know. I will find means to leverage or sell other units to procure. Thanks.