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Thread: airbnb host charged.

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    Unfortunately this is how our govt operates ...

    Say Yes to AIRBNB ... but fines the locals ...

    Say YES to tobacco importers (while govt collects massive duty $$$) then disallow smoking in many places ...
    i dare them to ban tobacco import totally ... it will be a massive $$ loss for the govt ..

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    Hilarious logic. Money laundering and sales of drugs also drive economic activity, so by that logic it should be encouraged?

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcachon View Post
    Airbnb said it drove $324 million of economic activity in Singapore in 2016. The platform is helping Singaporeans earn extra income, with local hosts having earned over $70 million in the past year, or an average $4,700 per host, it added.

    According to Airbnb, its research shows 40 per cent of hosts in Singapore say they rely on the extra income they earn through the platform to make ends meet while 15 per cent say the additional income has helped them avoid eviction or foreclosure.

    There are 8,700 listings in Singapore and the Airbnb community has hosted more than 330,000 travelers over the past year.

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